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  1. ...this school is what education is all about - Parent at Latymer
  2. ...lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit - Ofsted Inspectors
  3. ...lectus et tincidunt ullamcorper mauris metus aliquet diam - Latymer Student
Welcome to the Latymer School

Dear Parents and Friends of Latymer,

It is my privilege to lead the staff at Latymer and to continue the superb work noted by Ofsted inspectors when they last visited. "A particular strength of the school is the high level of commitment shown by the staff and the senior team to maintaining top class academic standards while continually seeking to widen and enrich the curriculum. One parent commented '...this school is what education is all about', a view echoed in many of the written comments received by the inspectors."

We are proud of Latymer’s history, yet are forward-looking. I seek to continue the fine traditions and to maintain and further enhance the very high standards at the school.

Students from all backgrounds thrive at Latymer and parents, staff and governors are very proud of students who achieve so much. They develop their own talents but also learn to contribute to the school and local community. I commend the website to you which reflects some of their achievements and activities, alongside information useful to current and prospective parents.

  • Familiarisation booklet

    date posted: Tuesday 4 Mar 2014
    Please click here for our Familiarisation (practice) Booklet for  Year 7 2015 Entry.
  • Year 7 Admissions: Procedures for 2015 Entry

    date posted: Monday 6 Jan 2014

    Click here for admissions procedures regarding
    Year 7 Entry for September 2015.
  • Open Evenings for current Year 5 children (2015 admission)

    date posted: Thursday 19 Sep 2013

    Headteacher’s talk:  Monday 30 June & Tuesday 1 July 2014 at 7.30pm (FOR PARENTS ONLY – WE DO NOT HAVE CAPACITY FOR CHILDREN ON THESE EVENINGS).

    School tours: Wednesday 2 & Thursday 3 July 2014 from 4.00pm to 7.00pm (BOTH PARENTS & CHILDREN ARE WELCOME).

    Parents will be able to complete an ONLINE registration form to enable their child to sit the entrance tests.  The registration form will go ‘live’ on our website from 2 July 2014.