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Welcome to the Latymer School

Dear Parents and Friends of Latymer,


The Latymer School is a high achieving, selective grammar school with a great tradition of success; we aim to provide a first class education for all our students. We believe that an outstanding education develops students academically, socially and morally, giving them the skills to be successful in whatever they do once they have left us. We also feel it is important to develop students outside of the classroom and offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities and trips including visits to our own residential centre in Cwm, Wales.

Secondary education represents a major stage in the life of each young person and so we aim to work together with parents, carers, governors and the local community to support our young people; enabling them to develop and grow within this community and in building together a real sense of identity within The Latymer School.

Our motto is ‘who endeavours wins’ and that sums up the ethos we wish to build within our school community; life is not always straight forward and we encourage our students to persist, to keep trying and then success will come.

I am proud to be the Head teacher of Latymer School and pleased to recommend it to you. We recognise the equal value of each individual pupil and we aim to provide the best possible opportunities for your child. We look forward to welcoming you to our community.

Yours sincerely

Maureen Cobbett
Head Teacher